Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

What is the use of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide component ensures a rapid germ killing effect and the silver component ensures that the effect is long-lasting. Silver is well known for its Oligodynamic action (cold sterilization). Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is used in disinfection ex-water disinfection, surface sanitation, soil disinfection, fumigation, etc.

GRAMICID is the registered trademark for our disinfectant. It is composed of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver complex. For more info click here

Is Silver Hydrogen Peroxide safe?

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide has earned its name as an eco-friendly disinfectant that can be used universally. The silver functions both as a stabilizer and activator, keeping the peroxide ions stable. The resultant silver hydrogen peroxide is both safe and nontoxic for people and surroundings

Does Hydrogen Peroxide react with Silver ?

Hydrogen peroxide and silver really do react that way. Hydrogen peroxide’s chemical formula is H2O2. When it comes into contact with silver, the silver acts as a catalyst. The reaction will free the extra oxygen atom to produce water, and also generates a lot of heat.

Is silver hydrogen peroxide corrosive ?

Silver hydrogen peroxide disinfectant (air and surface). Silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide, when compared to other conventional disinfectants work on a dual phase, where the hydrogen peroxide is corrosive on the cell walls, and the silver acts on the DNA.

What is Silver accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide ?

GRAMICID is silver accelerated hydrogen peroxide based air and surface disinfectant. It is used as both air & surface disinfectant.

Can hydrogen peroxide be used in organic farming ?

Organic farming is characterized by lower yield stability as compared to conventional farming methods. Hydrogen peroxide (3%) when sprayed on crops can control soft tissue pests such as aphids, red spider mites and fungal diseases like powdery mildew. Gramicid-10A is recommended.

How is Hydrogen Peroxide used in agriculture ?

Hydrogen peroxide helps encourage healthy root growth because of the extra oxygen molecule. Oxygen (O2) can help plant roots absorb nutrients from the soil. Therefore, this extra bit of oxygen enables the roots to absorb more nutrients, which means faster, healthier, and more vigorous growth.

GRAMICID-10A is an eco-friendly and Non-Toxic, economical solution used mainly in agriculture industry.

What is Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide ?

GRAMICID is an eco-friendly, multi-component oxidising disinfectant; scientifically formulated using a stable combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag) ions to create a highly effective sanitising solution

RO Chemicals

What is RO Antiscalant ? What is the use of Antiscalant ?

Antiscalant is a pretreatment water additive for reverse osmosis system that is highly effective in preventing the membranes from scaling. The delay allows the water to pass through the membrane before any chemical reaction, in which scale can form, occurs.

How do you sanitize RO Membrane with chemicals ?
How do you clean RO membranes ?

Alkaline RO Membrane Cleaner Gramicid-121 and with Acidic RO Membrane Cleaner Gramicid-122.

How does chlorine damage RO Membranes ?

In Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, membranes are easily damaged by chlorine in the feed water. Chlorine damage to the membrane can lead to lower salt rejection and poor-quality permeate, which in turn could result in costly membrane replacement and down-time. For Comparision of Chlorine & Gramicid Eco-Friendly ( Contact Us ).

Food Grade Mineral Additives

How to add minerals with distilled water to make it drinkable ?

Distilled water contains no minerals and trace elements. One way to increase its mineral content is to mix it with FSSAI / Food Grade Calcium Chloride, Magenesium Sulphate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate.

Is Mineral Water Healthier Than Regular Bottled Water ?

Main sources of Mineral Water are springs and natural underground reservoirs. Mineral Water can be high in several essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Therefore, drinking mineral water may offer some health benefits.

Why do we use SMBS in RO plant ?

Sodium metabisulphite (SMBS) is the current standard preservation chemical used in RO plants during shut down. It is a cheap and efficient preservative, but its tendency to oxidize easily has several drawbacks. For more info visit

What is the role of sodium metabisulfite in RO system ?

The function of SMBS is use to neutralize the action of disinfectant before entering RO Membrane as some disinfectant damage the RO Membrane if they enter RO Membrane. SMBS used should be food grade, as only food grade SMBS will be free of microbes and any foreign particles. We suggest the use of PYORAA-SMBS manufactured by U.S.Steriles

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