The serious issues related with cooling water frameworks are erosion, scaling and organic pollution. These issues may prompt diminished proficiency of heat transfer with, expanding fixing/substitution costs, with expanded fuel utilization and cost.

Some usually elaborate applications for Cooling Towers are water-cooling of hardware, cooling frameworks and general assembling needs. The sort of warmth dismissal that happens in a cooling tower is characterized as evaporate in light of the fact that it concedes a little part of the water being cooled to vanish into a moving air stream for giving huge cooling to the remainder of that water stream.

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Cooling Water Biocide

Cooling tower biocide is basically formulated for Biocidal, Fungicidal and Algacidal action.

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Corrosion, Scale & Silica Inhibitor

Antiscalant, Dispersants and Corrosion Inhibitor Specially for cooling tower water treatment.

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Descaling Chemical

Powerful descaling agent, a Surfactant and corrosion inhibitor compound.

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Corrosion Inhibitor For Soft Water

Gramicid-NB is a blend of nitrate with borates and works as an Antiscalant, Dispersant & Corrosion Inhibitor.

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