RO Chemicals which include Antiscalants, Antifoulants, Membrane Cleaners & Disinfectants are specially formulated to Inhibit Silica, Inorganic Scale Formation and Fouling on the membrane surface.

Keeping the RO system capacity close to design, minimizes shutdowns, membrane cleaning costs and maintain the system performance.

Key Features of Our Products

Highly Effective

Low Dosing

Cost Effective

Product List

RO Antiscalant

Scale Inhibitor or slow-down mineral scale formation and Antifoulant for RO Membranes.

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RO Membrane Cleaners

Highly effective cleaners for removing stubborn scales and foulants from RO membranes.

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PH Maintenance Chemicals

Food Grade PH Booster and PH Reducer.

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Membrane Preservatives

RO Membrane Preservative for long-term storage.

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Food Grade Mineral Addtivies

FSSAI approved food grade mineral additives.

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Jar Cleaners

Specifically formulated Cleaner for Inner and Outer surface of Jars in Packaged Drinking Water Industry.

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