How to prevent coconut from browning ?

Young coconuts are typically trimmed to reduce transportation costs, and to improve presentation

These coconuts, however, quickly develop an unattractive brown colour, and later are also often infected with mold.

Our products PYORAA-P & PYORAA-P PLUS prevents Browning and Disinfects the trimmed surface of the coconuts giving it a longer shelf life.

PYORAA-P & PYORAA-P PLUS are both FSSAI approved food Grade product



  1. Washing the Coconut: Wash the nuts with good quality water to remove dirt and soil from the outer layer
  2. Trimming the coconut: Trim the nuts as required. Care must be taken to avoid over-trimming.
  3. Treating the trimmed coconut: The trimmed tender coconuts are to be treated with the solution of PYORAA-P to control the activity of enzymes and prevent browning and mold growth.
  4. To lock the action of PYORAA-P we suggest the use of an additive PYORAA-P PLUS
  5. Drying: Shade drying is recommended immediately after dipping the nuts in PYORAA-P PLUS
  6. Storage and Transportation: As required.