Fuel Additives

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals are needed to prevent scaling & corrosion, foaming & precipitation in a Boiler Systems.

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Multipurpose Boiler Chemical

GRAMICID-22 the Boiler Chemical depends on the latest technology which is advanced, Filming Amine-Based 3 in 1 Boiler Chemical that works as a Sludge Conditioner;

Boiler Antiscalant

GRAMICID-SI helps to prevent deposition of calcium, iron and iron-oxide. It also aids in removal of existing scales from the water boiler.
It acts as a phosphate treatment for boilers forming a film over the boiler surface hence preventing the formation of scales.

Descaling Chemical

Gramicid-17 is a complex formulation of a powerful descaling agent, a surfactant and corrosion inhibitor compound. It is ideally suited for removal of scales from Cooling Towers, Boilers, Coils, Heat Exchangers, Chillers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems.

Fuel Additives

SOLID FUEL ADDITIVE is a free flowing powder treatment designed primarily for treating coal, wood, bagasse, biomass and other solid fuels. It acts as a combustion catalyst and thereby loss due to unburnt fuel gets minimized resulting in improved combustion efficiency.

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