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Solid Fuel Additives

Solid Fuel Additive is a free flowing powder treatment designed primarily for treating coal, wood, bagasse, biomass and other solid fuels. It acts as a combustion catalyst and thereby loss due to unburnt fuel gets minimized resulting in improved combustion efficiency. Helps in reducing the maintenance & increase the boiler availability for long term operation. It promotes smoke free combustion at lower excess air levels, resulting in improved fuel economy.

Bagasse Fuel Additive

Liquid Fuel Additives

Chemtol is a concentrated combustion improver for heavy fuel oils with Green Burnt Technology. It consists of fuel-conditioning properties. The fuel ignition temperature gets reduced which results in increased combustion efficiency with less carbon left to form smoke and soot as well.

Anti-polymerization agents inhibit sludge formation, while dispersants stabilize the fuel which results in a cleaner fuel system as well as the better fuel flow that provides an improved fuel atomisation and greater combustion efficiency.

Conversion of the fuel sulphur to potentially corrosive sulphur trioxide gas is also inhibited.


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