OVERVIEW : To keep a clean, healthy and Hygienic environment in homes, office, hotels or any industry, housekeeping service plays a major role and to assist with that we have the following products.


  • Cost Effective
  • Longer shelf life
  • Safe to use

Product List


FINEWASH-HW is a high foaming perfumed liquid hand wash made of Anionic Surfactants, emulsifiers and antimicrobials. It is tender on the skin and active against a wide range of Microbes.

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Alcohol Based Hand Disinfectant

SAFE HAND Sanitizer is an  Isopropyl Alcohol & Glycerine based. It rapidly inhibits the infectious action of microbial agents on the skin.

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Floor Cleaner

SHINE liquid floor cleaner concentrate assures best cleaning as well as disinfecting the area leaving a pleasant aroma. Can be used to clean all types of floors and also fights against germs and microbes.

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Dish Wash

SUPERWASH is a low foaming Vessel Cleaner Concentrate which can be used in restaurants, pantries and canteens to obtain best results. The low foaming quality of SuperWash makes it easy to use and washes away with nil residues and leaves behind a stainless vessel with lemon fragrance.

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Glass Cleaner

SPARKLE Glass Cleaner helps in the rapid removal of oily soils and finger marks and leaves the surface clean. Used majorly for cleaning of any kind of glass surfaces and mirror.

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Fabric Wash

FABRISOFT is a liquid detergent with a unique formulation that removes tough stains, dirts and keeps the fabric Same as New even after washing several times.

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